Hi, I'm Marvin.

I am a web developer based in the United Kingdom with expertise in data science. My tech stack is specifically streamlined for efficiently delivering React, Python and WordPress-based projects, including advanced WordPress development.

Welcome to my portfolio site. I appreciate your interest in me and what I have to offer. I am skilled in various areas and can solve your tech needs.

Featured Projects.

Web Development 89.5

WordPress 95

HTML, CSS & JavaScript 92.5

PHP & SQL 85

React & Next.js 85

Python 90

Hi, I'm Marvin.

I have a strong background in web development and I specialise in using my knowledge of automation, Python, and WordPress to create effective online solutions for organisations and businesses. I am dedicated to using technology to improve procedures and enhance user experiences.

I am deeply interested in the intersection of renewable energy and technology. Throughout my professional experience, I have successfully developed innovative and secure web applications for a broad range of industries. Using Git, Python, JavaScript, and RESTful APIs, I have created websites, custom CRM systems, headless WordPress sites, and RESTful APIs.

My academic background in chemical engineering, software engineering, and data science gives me a unique perspective that I incorporate into my workflow and processes. I also utilise advanced methodologies and tools for research, data visualisation, processing, and analysis. I am passionate about positively contributing to the progress of renewable energy and promoting sustainable practices.

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